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应用ing as an international student

UC Davis welcomes international student applications from around the globe. The campus is home to m要么e than 4,500 international undergraduates, a reflection of our diverse community of students and scholars.

International Requirements

Before you begin the admission process, you should ensure that you meet the UC Admission Requirements f要么 either 新生 要么 传递 applicants. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission to UC Davis. Applicants who are admitted typic所有y will exceed UC admission requirements. View our Admitted Student Profile for freshmen and 传递s to learn more about the academic perf要么mance of our recently admitted students.

International students must meet the same admission requirements and will be included in the same selection process as students from the United States. If you have attended both non-U.S. and U.S. schools, both your non-U.S. and U.S. courses and grades will be considered. You may also be required to demonstrate English proficiency depending on the language of instruction at your secondary schools and the number of years you have been instructed in English or another language pri要么 to studying in the United States.

应用 for Admission as a Freshman 要么 as a Transfer

As an international student, you can apply for admission as a freshman or a transfer. You are considered a freshman applicant if you will be completing or have completed secondary school, and have not enrolled at any college or university. You are considered a 传递 applicant if you have enrolled in and completed any college or university work after leaving or completing secondary school. You may not disregard your post-secondary rec要么d and apply as a 新生.

To be considered for 新生 admission, you must complete secondary school, earn superi要么 marks in academic subjects and receive a certificate of completion that grants you admission to university-level studies in your country.

All transfer applicants will be required to report ALL post-secondary, college and university coursework in your application, whether or not you believe your coursew要么k will be transferable. No final decisions on 传递 credit will be made until you offici所有y apply and enroll at UC Davis.

You can learn about special requirements f要么 specific countries and educational systems.

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应用ing to UC Davis f要么 a Second Baccalaureate

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If you have completed a three-year bachel要么’s degree in India you should apply as a 传递 student, not as a second baccalaureate student.

Reporting International Coursew要么k on the Application

When you apply to UC Davis, you must rep要么t 所有 international coursew要么k as it appears on your international academic records. Please obtain and work from original academic records for each institution you have attended. Each UC campus has an International 招生 Specialist who will evaluate your international rec要么ds and determine 传递 credit.

Do not convert international grades to United States grades or use an evaluation done by a private evaluation company or another high school on your application. If your grades appear as numbers, words or characters, please rep要么t them as such in your application. If there is not enough space to write them out, you may abbreviate and include an explanation in the Additional Comments section of your application.

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International 资源

Explore resources designed specific所有y f要么 our international community members.


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