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Giving 学院 the Tools to Teach

UC Davis is dedicated to helping faculty grow as effective educators in undergraduate 和 graduate teaching. Through the Office of Undergraduate Education, faculty members are supported by have access to  campus initiatives 和 units that support instruction.

Undergraduate Education is also charged with academic planning in support of course availability 和 classroom management. Academic 技术 Services offers instructional technology and media services, both independently 和 in partnership with Undergraduate Education. Other units that support faculty in teaching include the University Registrar, 毕业 StudiesStudent Affairs.

Academic 日历

指导 resources

Academic advising is a responsibility shared by faculty 和 UC Davis’ professional advising staff. More than half of our students will change majors, many of them transferring from one college to another.


Grades, courses, textbooks

毕业 education


Undergraduate education